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.3 million people organized online, the largest list outside the obama campaign. and we moved more than one million new and unlikely voters to the polls, and we have more than 1.2 million organized voters. that is how we do our work, and that is what gives us the power to do what you have seen us do, whether in maryland or new york city, where we have worked with a broad range of groups to push mayor bloomberg, forced mayor bloomberg to stop what is the largest local racial profiling program in the entire country. and we just produced a veto- proof majority, second time in a row. first time for the vote, second to override his vetoes, and we did that because we are organizing, we are building big, broad audacious coalitions. the march on washington will be referred to as a grand alliance, and we are winning. today i want to talk about the history of racial profiling. we in this country, as a young country, have no excuse not to know our own history. and when we forget our history, we repeat our history, and we do so at a great price. specifically, i want to talk to you today about a century
. president obama on his way to upstate new york this morning to start a two day bus tour. he will be in new york and northeastern pennsylvania. he is talking about education. some of the news coming out of this event says that the president is going to propose a new system for rating colleges. there is a reaction coming in negatively from academia. the speech will happen at 11:00 -buffalo.ime at suny it will be on our companion network c-span 2. education will be the topic of today's town hall meeting peter and we will look at the status of primary education. that is at 7:30 p.m. eastern tonight. here is a brief look at our .rogramming >> 237 years after our finding -- after our founding, we have a fork in the road. we have educational freedom in the form of school choice. on the other side, we have the greatest push from washington in common core stations -- standards. milton friedman was the father of the school choice movement. the school choice movement was under the idea that educational opportunity, giving parents the ability to move their children out of the zip code confined areas w
at 7:00 a.m. ♪ >> president obama continues his two bus tour focusing on education issues. yesterday he spoke in syracuse. town hall holding a meeting. live coverage at 12:45. most of the presidents tour -- vice president biden is expected to join president obama at lackawanna college. yesterday's first stop, hisident obama revealed plan to control college costs. >> let me talk about these briefing. our first priority. providing better value for students. making sure parents and taxpayers are getting what we -- what they paid for. there going to lead development to trade a better system for the college year. a lot of colleges are encouraged andnc. -- gaining numbers it is rewarding them on raising cost. i think we should reward colleges based on opportunity. are they helping students? on their value to students and parents -- that means metrics like how much debt does the average student leave with? how easy is it to pay off? how many students graduate on time? how well do those graduates do in the workforce? the answers will help parents and students figure out how much value a college
the american people stood up and demanded action, president obama was forced to do what he refused to do for three consecutive weeks, to admit that the constitution limits his ability to target u.s. citizens. that was a tremendous victory for the grassroots. and it was a harbinger of things to come. the next big fight in washington was over guns. i am confident no one in here is concerned about the second amendment right to keep and bear arms. on this issue, vice president joe biden -- the nice thing is that you don't need a punchline. [applause] you simply say his name and people naturally laugh. but vice president joe biden had some advice for all of us. if somebody is attacking your home, just go outside with a double barrel shotgun and fire both arrows into the air. which is very good advice. if it happens you're being attacked by a flock of geese. on guns, following the horrific tragedy in newtown, president obama came out saying, not let's go come down on the violent criminals like a ton of bricks. but instead, the president said, we will use this as an excuse to go after the cons
institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] >> this thursday, president obama begins a two-day bus trip through upstate new york and pennsylvania, where he will talk about making college education more affordable for the middle class. here is more about the trip from a reporter we spoke with earlier today. >> i want to go over a bit of the schedule this week. to do that we are joined by the deputy white house editor for politico. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thanks for having me. >> start us off with this bus tour. it is supposed to be part of this middle-class push the president is doing, focused on higher education issues, but obviously going to talk about other issues as well. >> that is right. it has been the economic agenda ahead of the budget showdown, with republicans coming up very quickly. this particular spring, he seems to be focused on college costs. he will go to upstate new york, including syracuse. he will be making a stop in scranton, pennsylvania, hometown of vice president biden on friday. >> talk about other stops the president has made
now. president obama presenting him acts of bravery. that is taking place right now in the white house, on c-span2. we are waiting for john kerry to talk about the situation in cereal with evidence that chemical weapons were used there. kerryl have secretary when he arrives at the state department. it should be in about five minutes or so. we will have it live on c-span. right now, a congress -- a camps inion on refugee syria. host: joining us next is dr. ron waldman, president of doctors of the world usa, joining us to talk about the group's activities among the world with refugees, in particular the syrian refugee camp from which he has recently returned. thank you for being with us. this is a photo in this week's "new yorker" magazine with an article and a photograph of a camp. it is open two weeks. it is now home to 120,000 people. the population of hartford, connecticut. you were recently at this camp. it looks like largely a tent city. what was your experience like? guest: a very large encampment of refugees. it is now the second largest refugee camp in the world after the one in
committee, and the reverend jesse jackson. but first, president obama from earlier today on education policy. this is about 40 minutes. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] >> hello, buffalo! hello, bulls! well, it is good to be back in buffalo, good to be back in the north. i want to begin by making sure we all thank silvana for the wonderful introduction. give her a big round of applause. her mom and dad are here somewhere. where are they? i know they're pretty proud. there they are right there. give mom and dad a big round of applause. a number of other people i want to acknowledge here -- first of all, our secretary of education, arne duncan, who's doing a great job. one of the finest governors in the country, your governor, andrew cuomo, is here. your outstanding mayor, brian higgins, is here. give him a big round of applause. what? >> the mayor is byron brown! >> byron brown. that's -- i'm sorry, byron. what i meant was -- your congressman, brian higgins, is here. your mayor, byron brown, is here. this is what
and senate to return with andy roth. recent developments in the u.s. and global oil industries. and obama's decision on whether to approve the keystone pipeline. live aton journal is 7:00 eastern on c-span. townhall, and lamenting the affordable care act. we will check in on congressional townhall meetings. your calls and tweets. it is live [captioning performed by national captioning institute] this rather stiff royal court, i know, having read about her, she was a very happy girl. queen victoria said she was wonderful. she was given the official title which wouldn't normally be given to a niece. it would only be given to the wife of an ambassador. >> the encore presentation of first ladies continues tonight at 9:00 eastern on c-span. >> egypt and security forces cleared to sitting camps and cairo occupied by's supporters of mohamed morsi. 149 people were killed. the egyptian government declared a state of emergency. the obama administration is condemning that state of emergency. earnestcretary josh read a statement today in a briefing
bad practice for the congress to get favors as far as the health care premiums are concerned. if obama care is such a disaster, then you guys should be willing to defund it and get rid of it. i totally agree. it came as a surprise to me that it happened. i strenuously opposed obamacare, but for us to hit some kind of exemption card out -- i do not what happened, but to try to find out what happened and how it happened. in case you missed it, it will contribute to the favorability of congress. it is around 12%. i saw we are down to paid staffers and blood relatives. no one else. going through sky harbor airport and a guy said, anybody every tell you you look a lot like senator john mccain? i said yea. he said, doesn't it sometimes make you mad as hell? this latest act as you point out get your bids to that american members of congress divorce them from the challenges that they have. they are correct. all i can tell you is it game is a surprise to me. i will look into it. i do not know how you justify it. yes, sir, could we just have this young man peered. then we will go to you. >> i a
. the current situation is that the obama administration is frankly doing more deportations now than have ever been done before. we can quibble about how you come to those numbers, but they are deporting people, it is not fair to say that people are not being deported, they are. however, there are still many people here in an undocumented status and frankly, most of them are not going anywhere. if you wipe the current system, basically you're saying that we should not be addressing reforming our laws, because you are allowing these people to be here and working within our country. the unemployment rate, this is definitely a situation where we address this the last time in 2006 and 2007. the employment rate is much higher now. in a way you are comparing apples to oranges, no pun intended, because a lot of these jobs are agriculture jobs and whether we want to admit it or not, this will probably get me some angry callers, there are jobs that american workers will not do. --vernor barbara had a great governor barber had a great example. a chicken processing plant in mississippi a couple of miles
obama will make remarks from the steps of the lincoln memorial, the site were dr. king delivered his "i have a dream" speech 50 years ago to the day. at 3:00 p.m. eastern, bells around the nation will ring. we will have live continuous coverage all day right here on c-span and you can also watch online at and listen in on c-span radio. the program is set to get underway at 11:00 a.m., about five minutes from now. until then, we will continue to watch some of the sights and sounds run this morning on the national mall. >> we are just moments away from the start of the program commemorating the 50th anniversary of the march on washington. among those this afternoon to hear from, benjamin jealous, president and ceo of the naacp, actor jamie foxx, reverend al sharpton, also oprah winfrey will speak a little bit later this afternoon. thomas and john lewis and presidents jimmy carter and bill clinton will give remarks later this afternoon. president obama will also speak at 2:45 eastern and we will have live coverage of all of this when they get underway in just a moment. former pr
are welcome to this stage. president obama has awarded bayard rustin the presidential medal of freedom. [applause] but, we have not yet seen dr. king's great opportunity thrown open to everyone. we have so far to go before a truly great education is offered to every child. we are partners in this fight. we fight for millions of lgbt students and all those seen as different. they deserve a welcoming audience for their dreams and they deserve to be embraced for who they are. yet everyday our youth endure the silence imposed by violence and fear. some have been silenced forever. we raise our voices in their memory. carl joseph walker hoover, lawrence king. rustin was a quaker. he looked for the voice of the divine that can speed through everyone of us. across this nation, voices are ready to rise for opportunity and justice and freedom for every young person, no matter who they are, what they look like or who they love. listen for those voices. lift them up so they can be heard. when we do that, we shall all rise. thank you for the great honor of standing with you today. [applause] >> lad
weapons on their own people, potentially. these are all greeted by the obama administration with harsh condemnation. there is a perception among some that this is a weakness on the part of the obama administration. can you address that? >> you are referring to very difficult, and in some cases very intractable problems that in some cases are bearing very severe consequences for the people who live in these countries. there is no doubt about that. the u.s. has a responsibility to be a part of the international effort to address those problems. for a variety of reasons, one of them is that it is the desire of the u.s. to have good relationships with these countries. what we are trying to do in many of these cases is to marshal international support, and to work with our friends and allies to work with our partners in the region. and we have done that with some success and with some progress notable in a variety of circumstances. what we would like to see moving forward is a continued effort on the part of the community to work together to address some of these problems. seewe would also
, youakers can see that event live tonight tomorrow,span -- president obama attends a ceremony at the lincoln memorial. it does she will be joined by former presidents, bill carton and -- bill clinton and jimmy carter. the sermon is live tomorrow at .1:00 eastern, also on c-span a discussion on the political future of egypt and relations with the u.s. it is a little more than one hour. >> good morning. welcome to the national press club. i woulde get started, like to go over a few housekeeping roles. silenceaven't already your phone, could you please do so at this time? conferenceis a press -type for him. it will be approximately one hour. each speaker will talk for five to 10 minutes. then there'll be a queuing day. they are limited to the members of the presidential press and the press club. when you are called upon, please state your question clearly. we will be repeating it here at the mike for our television audience. also, state your name and your affiliation and keep your questions brief. we want to get as many questions as possible. is the national press club's newsmaker event on the
a conversation he had with president obama on syria. here is a look. >> the president of the united states is a man who opposed the action in airaq. no one can describe him as a involvet who wants to america in more wars, and he supports action in this case. what i spoke to him last weekend, i said we shared his view about this difficult nature of the use of chemical weapons and we must not stand aside. i also explained to him because of the damage done to public confidence by iraqi, we would have to follow a series of incremental steps, including at the united nations, to build public confidence and ensure the legitimacy ofle any action. these are set out before the house today, and i remember in 2003 i was sitting there to rose from the back on the opposition benches. it was just after my son had been born, and he was not well, but i was determined to be here. i wanted to listen to the man standing right here and believe everything that he told me. we are not here to debate those issues today. one thing is indisputable -- the will of public opinion was poisoned by the iraq episode. i giv
the health-care law known as obama care because of the lack of a federal budget agreement and sequestration cuts. he made these remarks at a town hall meeting where he discussed the implementation of the affordable care act with health care professionals. new highheld of the wind town living center. this is just over an hour. living center.n >> welcome, everybody. thank you for joining us. this week is national community health centers week. all over the country there are events like this and other types of events happening. events are organizing to make sure the community knows about our special brand of medicine and how we can bring our a game to the table every day to serve america's communities that have many times too little access to health care. so i wanted to welcome you all to the room and welcome senator ben cardin to the room who is no stranger to baltimore medical since and has been around i got here, and that is like 300 years ago. senator was at the very beginning of a great assist to baltimore medical system when we had our help waiver. we had a medicare demonstration project
of the march on washington. obama will be at the lincoln memorial tomorrow for the 50th anniversary of the march. dr. martin luther king made his " i have a dream" speech and we will cover that at about 11:00 tomorrow morning. >> the secretary of homeland napolitano'set farewell address. for over four years, she has overseen the third-largest cabinet agency in the federal government with more than 240,000 employees across the country and around the world dedicated to keeping our nation safe, secure, and more resilient. these join me in welcoming secretary janet napolitano. [applause] >> hi. thank you. good morning. todayyou for joining us and that like to thank the national press club for hosting us. i want to thank the men and women of dhs. in my 4.5 years as secretary, i have come to know many of these men and women, hear their stories, and see them perform important work of the department every day. getting to know them has been one of the most rewarding parts of being secretary and any success we have achieved flows directly from their dedication and service. the chance tod
-term partnership together. we can and must develop what president obama has described and i quote "as a normal relationship between sovereign nations and equal partnership d on mutual interests and mutual respect." with our diplomatic progress, iraq is taking its space of a partner for the united states, for our neighbors, and for the family of nations. on the political front, we are building a multiethnic, multiparty democracy with respect to the rule of law. our democratic process is moving forward at a strong and steady pace. placecal elections took in april of this year. there will be regional elections in september of this year, and our legislative and general elections will take place next spring, 2014. which will determine our national leadership, and that will be a very important thing to watch. we have a government of national unity. now all the communities purchase of eight in the workings of the government and of the parliament. yes, we have differences of , as all democracies do, but we are working together. slowly but surely, our efforts are achieving results. we are promoting hum
of george bush and after eight years of barack obama, our country is going to have to reassess what peace between the two-party system is and what it's going to take to rebuild this nation. hubie: thanks for the call. front page of "usa today" has the headline, egypt erupts in bay kaye yoss. more details into exactly what happened. police, backed by armored vehicles and bulldozers yesterday, sweeping through two camps of supporters of out ofed president muhammad morsi, sparking street balancesles in cairo and other cities. again more than 500 civilians killed in the demonstrations yesterday. well over 3,500 injured. and from reuters there is this this morning, egypt's muslim brotherhood today saying it would bring down the military coup but test is remain committed to peaceful struggle. government forces broke up its protest camps. the crackdown yesterday defied western appeals for restraint and peaceful settlement to egypt's political crisis. following the removal of morsi, prompting internation statements of dismay and condemnation. that this morning from reuters news. next is awan join
is a political appointee because it is my experience at the obama administration always tries to over fund the programs, the student loan programs, they're way to funnel money from people who have it to people who don't. host: thank you. politicalm a appointee, but i.g.'s are unique because we are appointed without regard to political persuasion, and we do not change with administration, so there are i.g.'s appointed in the bush administration you're still here. i.g.'s are somewhat unique in government. as far as the issues, i think the caller brought forward, aid is dispensed based on expected family contribution, at least from the student's at a certain age. i think in graduate school, it becomes a different analysis. kathleen tighe talkingik about student aid and issues. there is a number if you want to call, inspector general, if you had any question, what is the number? guest: one 800 misused. , thank you.en tighe we take you now to washington, d.c., event sponsored by the u.s. chamber of commerce. we take you to it now. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] [captio
military intervention in syria. the obama administration suppose to limit u.s. military intervention. it believes the rebels will not support america's interest if they were to come to power now. this came out to a letter that general dempsey sent. he said the military is clearly taking out the syrian air force and shifting the balance. michigan republican congressman justin amash held a town hall meeting recently in michigan. he touched on topics like health care and government surveillance. he offered an amendment that would bar the and as a from collecting phone and data records from citizens who are not subject of investigation. the amendment was opposed by speaker john boehner and the white house and ultimately defeated. his town hall back in michigan lasted about one hour and 15 minutes. [applause] >> hello, everyone. ben, he is my chief of staff. he does not just work for me. he is primarily in our grand rapids office, and you can find that on my website, and we have a satellite office in battle creek, so if there is something you would like to schedule, you can c
to start 10:30 a.m. eastern. later today, president obama's half-sister will address the traffickingf ending exploitation of women and children and speaking at the center for american progress live at noon eastern. be sure to join us this evening for another of our town hall meetings. the focus today is unimplemented asian of the affordable care act. administration will delay implementation of the section of the law covering limits to out- of-pocket costs for consumers. we will check in on congressional town hall meetings around the nation and what questions members of congress are getting from their constituents. we'll get an update on court challenges to the law and check out the rollout of healthcare exchanges which is opposed to take effect by january 1 of next year. here is a brief art of tonight's program. i don't think you understand the law you are in charge of executing and enforcing. the clawback where you limit how much a person pays back, that is only a person who is eligible for a subsidy if their income changes in the year in which the subsidy takes place. person, -- if
unfortunately are stuck with a sequester, at least through the obama administration. it is going to force all of us to think smarter, not richer. hasis why secretary hagel something called the strategic choices and management review. he is the secretary who was trying to gather out on every issue. whether it was for trona operations or sexual harassment, on many issues he said we do not like it, we do not agree with that, we do not support the sequester, even chairman levin has been a true leader against the sequester. everybody in the u, every chairman and ranking, i partisan basis. all the titans of industry are opposed to it. and yet it did not move one vote. we are stuck with it. inc. smarter, not richer. he is basically forcing the departments to figure out how we program our resources at a $500 billion less than we planned for years ago. that is a -10% cut in the defense line. a 10% cut that has previously occurred to the physical 12 year defense plan that brought us down to the , whichcontrolled levels was another $489 billion. the defense department, in the course of the last couple o
at obama coming out in favor of lbgt gay marriage during the pendency of the case had on the political impact of the decision and the ultimate legal impact of the decision? >> well, the president's decision, a, that he was going to support marriage and, b, he thought it was unconstitutional to deny federal recognition resulted in a them deciding this way. i think it changed the calculus in all the federal courts where this was up. but i think that would be the least of it. it's no accident that at the same election where barack obama won a second term, the voters of minnesota came the first state in the country to reject the constitutional amendment and voters in maine, maryland and washington state all voted to have marriage for same sex couples. we went beyond state ladies and gentlemen latelyers into popular votes. i think the president was a major help in making that happen. i think the importance of it can't be overestimated. >> i think what he did, too, he talked personally about his -- how long it took him and how he got there to not being supportive and being supportive and ref
with satisfaction in his letter to president putin, president obama take into the need to account all factors that affect the stability when talking about productions. discussedesidents -- to increase transparency. the two countries were given instructions with that respect. we and russia were prepared to take our proposals to the two presidents. we will do so once the summit meeting takes place. agenda.the top of our they need to start political process. we need to state at geneva numeral dose -- 2 -- geneva 2 conference. i am not convinced in the current day reality, especially in light of what we have been hearing lately, this is indeed our top priority. the rainy nuclear program is also important. -- the iranian nuclear program is also important. many other topics will be discussed today. we are united by shared responsibility. we must prevent that the slab laser nation -- must prevent the stabilization. we need to ensure peaceful settlements of all communities and avoid attempts -- examples in the past that we have seen are not working. we want to see national reconciliation in egypt. we
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